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Renters Insurance

Dear Tenant,

The landlord disclaims any and all responsibility for damages to your personal property arising from fires and other events.

One of the requirements of your lease is that you must maintain at least $100,000 of personal liability insurance. You can do this by purchasing a renter's insurance policy that generally includes personal property coverage to protect your belongings, as well.

All adult residents living in the unit must be named on the policy.

You must name the landlord as "additional interest" on the policy. "Additional interest" and "Interested Party" are the only acceptable designations. The additional interest should read as follows:

Lone Star Properties

8007 Simpson Dr.

Amarillo, TX 79121

Please provide a copy of the declarations page of your policy meeting the requirements listed above prior to moving in, or renewing your lease.

This is an important component of your lease. Failure to keep the required coverage in force will be considered a breach of the lease and is subject to any and all of the same remedies.

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